August 30, 2012

Quick Random Thoughs for Aug 30

1.  Ben says my Indian Name is "Paddles With Boo-Boo".

2.  Worked up a ukulele version of "Someone To Watch Over Me" only to find that it's a common song for people to work up ukulele versions... there are a bunch on youtube.  I think the Great American Songbook and the uke just go well together.

3.  In addition to the uke, I am trying to learn Nuke:

4.  When I am particularly un-kind or grumpy I watch this and remind myself I can behave better:

5.  So, to be more precise, yes, sometimes I get wrapped up in my own problems and forget that everybody has problems to deal with - everybody.   I'm not so bad about this as I was years ago, thanks to some help I got (and get) along the way, but still.   If I have no room in my heart for anything but my own troubles, then I have nothing to give anybody else.   So I try to do better.  Last year was pretty darn... awful.  But we made it through, as a family.

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