August 10, 2012

Quick Random Thoughts For August 10

1.  Summer goes by way too fast.

2.  Always think of nesting compositions.

3.  black and white kitties are Best.

4.  Three of my friends in my little ski group have now sustained knee injuries, and two of them have required surgery.   Am pondering the wisdom of my latest hobby.  But damn it is so fun.

5.  Gauley.

6.  Would be nice to get back to Whitesides Mtn. for some rappelling and climbing.  It's 650 feet and breathtaking.  By 'breathtaking' I mean both in 2000' ft. panoramic views and in how out of breath I am when I've climbed back up.  BTW the video I linked has clicks on the soundtrack from my friend's camera's autofocus freaking out.

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