December 22, 2012

Quick Random Thoughts for Dec 22 2012

1.  Almost Christmas and my knee still hurts from my swim on the Oly section of the Ocoee.  I put up a photo of it from where I was sitting on a table at the ER waiting to get stitches, back in August.  It's rather gross so you've been warned if you click here.   All I had to do was roll up and I'd have avoided this injury.

2.  Carport Crossfit is getting new digs.  The new location is literally across the street from our old place.   Instead of a couple of mini-storage spaces it's 2000ft of indoor gym and 5000ft of outdoor yard.   It's sweet!

3.  I've been making little diagrams of lines through some rapids, and posting them occasionally on this blog.  They are all collected here, and I'll add to them as I get suitable photos over time.

4.  Everybody has flaws.  Mine include being a control freak.  It's one reason I'm so grateful to have found paddling.  There is no way to control the river, and being flung down a hill by a torrent of water can have profound effects on one's perception of how much control over things we can realistically have.   When I wrote this I was specifically thinking of Double Z rapid on the New River Gorge.  I think that Double Z, at 3 ft, is one of the few rapid's I've run that I wish I had worn a camera through, because it was such chaos going through it.  Terrifying.  Anyway.  In addition to being a control freak, I have a lot of regrets for things I've done due to that personality, uh, trait including some major bridge burnings that really, must stay burnt.  But I will say this.  I can do better.  The River teaches that too.  It's amazing, that River.  It's saved my life.

5.  Enough of that!  Enjoy this:

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