February 12, 2013

Quick Random Thoughts for Feb 12 2013

1.  My nephew had the heads done on my old Subaru Forester, which he bought from me last year, and he informs me that it runs very well at 100mph.   I got upset!  What is he doing to my car!  My baby!  Do you think he was pulling my leg?  ;-)

2.  Never got myself a birthday present.  Should I get a new boat, an old amplifier, or both?

3.  This is good news: http://blog.al.com/wire/2013/02/alabamas_bald_eagles_are_back.html#incart_hbx#incart_best-of

4.  I love that sweet soul music.   http://youtu.be/sp3JOzcpBds

5.  Stoked about going here next month: http://www.skisolitude.com/mountain/web_cam.php

6.  My knee still hurts.

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