November 22, 2015

A long long time ago long ago, I dunno how to think about it, The Ticks recorded this.  91 or 92... Anyway, the other day I found it on a decrepit, disintegrating cassette tape.   You can hear the tape noise as it rolls before the song starts.  Classic Ed: it's not a happy song, in fact it's sarcastic and biting and telling the damn truth.

This picture was taken around then:

Ticks with original drummer Tim Bagley early 1990s

My memory fades but I think that recording was the first time I used the Marshall half-stack JCM 900, which I borrowed from a friend, who sold the rig to me a couple of years later.

Well, now we're doing some reunion shows, next one will be at the Nick on Christmas night.  we used to do this Christmas night show back in the 90's, so it is fitting that we do so again.  We did a show at Daniel Day Gallery in October, this photo is from that show:
Ticks at Daniel Day Gallery in October 2015 with drummer Carey Jacks

We kinda look different, but I think we sound better than ever.

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