May 20, 2016

Go find a puddle!

This is a perfect depiction of what going to the rivers and caves with my friends feels like

May 2, 2016

Another hidden musical gem

...This one comes to me from my dear friend Gregory.  What a great way to brighten an otherwise rather dreary day.   I love it.

April 29, 2016

Groovy Album

Somehow, during a random Internet search, I found this album.  I had never heard of it before. It's great and groovy and smooth, check it out:

April 24, 2016

Fun Stuff 2016

Jan 1  South Sauty Creek.  In the LL Stomper 80.  Level 17" at put-in, 15.5 when we got to the take-out. With Andy and Lynn, Sam H., and Stephen R.   Air temps 40's and grey, water temps mild.  Photos here.  
Jan 2 Mulberry Beach Clean-up.  With the BCC.  
Jan 16-23 Snowmass.  With the Nashville Ski Club.  Photos here.
Jan 30 Ridgewalk.  In Henshaw Cove.  With Dave H.  Found an arrowhead and an old lead Dave wanted to check.  It probably goes but will need digging.  Air temps 60's, blue skies, gorgeous day.  Photos here.
Jan 31 Mulberry.  In the LL Stomper 80.  With Clayton V., Chuck N., and Chuck's brother and sister-in-law.  Level 1.8, air temps 70, wonderful gorgeous day.  Photos here.
Feb 4 Birthday.  Feb 6th New Boat - Dagger Axis 10.5.  Then Birthday Party which was awesome.
Feb 7 Age of Aquarius party at Daniel Day Gallery.  
Feb 14 The Starlings at Daniel Day Gallery.
Feb 20 Ridgewalk.  In Big Coon.  With Dave H.  Found a great blowing lead and found Jason's lead from 2010.  Wonderful day.  Air temps 60's and cloudy.
Feb 21 Mulberry.  In the LL Stomper 80.  With Andy and Lynn, Vander, Josh, and Sam. Level 1.5, warm temps, cloudy.  Then visit at Daniel Day Gallery w/the Blue Dogs.
Me at Daniel Day Gallery visiting next to talented artist Ms. Rachel Dobson
Feb 26-28  Birmingham Grotto Getaway.  At Paint Rock Valley Lodge.  Great Ridgewalk with discovery of 2 qualifiers.  Photos HERE.
March 4 Free Symphony Concert.  With Laura N., Angela M. 
March 5 - 6 Mulberry Fork Races.  Gate judged Boatercross and 1-5 on Saturday.  
March 6 Mulberry.  In the Stomper 80.  With Clayton V., Chuck N., Sue R., and others. Level @ 2 ft. on bridge gauge, air temps upper 60's, water temps cool. 
March 12-14.  ALF.  In the Blackfly Option and Stomper 80.  Middle Tellico 3 days in a row. Saturday and Monday about 1.7, in the Option.  Sunday about 2.2 in the Stomper 80.  Air temps mild, water temps mild.  Some rain Saturday night.  With the Lost Tribe.
March 26 Farm Fun.  Visit to the Princess's family farm with friends.
April 3 Brushy Creek.  With the B'ham grotto.  Level medium-low, air and water temps mild.  First trip in my new Dagger Axis 10.5 kayak.  
Beautiful Sougahoagdee Falls is a short walk up a tributary that runs into Brushy Creek, in the Bankhead national Forest.  The falls run year round and is approx. 75' tall.

April 4 Mulberry.  In the Stomper 80.  With Clayton and KahLee, Chuck N. and Larry D. Water about 1-1.2 feet, fun day.
April 9 Wonder Cave.  With Sewanee Mtn. Grotto.  Gorgeous cave.  Photos here.
April 10 Locust Fork.  With Sue R. and Bill M.  In the Project X56.  Level 2.3 (low!) but still lots of fun waves to surf.  Air temps lower 70's, water temps chilly.   Wonderful day.
April 16 Paddling 101.  Helped teach a class at Oak Mtn. lake with fellow instructors and members from the Birmingham Canoe Club.
April 17 Upper Locust Fork.   With members of the Birmingham Grotto.  In the Dagger Axis 10.5.  Level 2.5 on the USGS gauge.  Wonderful trip.  Photos here.

On the Upper Locust,  Chris caught some fish... and loaned me his ultralight rig for a bit.  I hadn't fished in many years, but I caught the bug again.  As is the Ranelli tradition I didn't catch any fish though.

April 23 Earth Day at the Caudles.  With members of the Birmingham Grotto.  I stopped by.  The others had finished a cleanup of Bryant Mtn. cave.