February 20, 2017

February 15, 2017

February 1, 2017

January 31, 2017

Fun Stuff 2017

Jan 1 Choccoloco creek. In the WS Project X56. With Joan S. Temp 58, water level low, drizzle rain.
Jan 14 Cahaba.  In the WS ProjectX 56.  With some boaters I had never met before.  280 upstream towards the water plant.   2 hr paddle, 75 degrees, drysuit was overkill.  Flatwater.
Jan 21 Glenn Mills Memorial.  I joined Martha and many other cavers to celebrate the life of my friend Glenn.
Jan 22 Hydrology study; springs near Sewanne Tn.  With Kelly and Jason, and some hydrologists from the USGS.  Springs included Owen Springs, Gourdneck Springs, and Blowout Bluehole.
Photos HERE.
Jan 28 Caving.  With B'ham Grotto to unnamed cave.   Great day.

Jan 29 Locust Fork.  In the LL Stomper 80.  Level 2.4.   Nice level...  air temps mid to upper 40's. With Sally purple-hair, David in the Outburst,  new canoeist Trent.
Feb 8-12  Breckenridge.   Awesome trip, best I've ever skied...

Gorgeous Brekenridge

Cool blog

My friend and fellow caver Kelly Smallwood has an excellent new blog up about her adventures underground here:  https://tagcaver.wixsite.com/undergroundearth.
Kelly and Jason

January 20, 2017

Yes I did

I did, yes, I did buy this:
 The Venerable Necky Chronic

And yes it's probably 13 years old, oil-canned etc.   But it's a fact that They (the boat manufacturers) don't make carvy playboats anymore.  And They Should!  The Chronic is also is the only playboat I've seen a woman my size flatwater cartwheel.
Back to carvy boats.   I really do hope it's the next retro trend.  We've had the RPM come back, we've had long boats come back, and we've had slicy sterns come back.  How about some carves on a wave.

January 14, 2017


I've been playing Chess for awhile.  I'm not very good at it.  But I enjoy it.  I also enjoy pondering this video.