April 16, 2014

Fun Stuff 2014

Wavesport XXX's and fro's in the house

Jan 1.  Cartecay Chili Run.  In Ellijay, Ga.  In the Wave Sport XXX.   With Christine B. (or was it her cousin Foxxy?) in her new red XXX.  Level 1.9?  Air temps 40's-low 50's.  Some sun, cloudy.  Bear meat chili and Apple Pie were some of the more interesting items served at the chili feast after paddling.   I discovered it's ridiculously hard to roll with a green fro wig duck taped to my helmet.
here.  Video here.

Jan 12.  Mulberry Fork.  In the Blackfly Option canoe.  Level 2.5 ft., air tems around 60.  With Andy and Lynn, Larry, Sue and Steve, Tamara.  Photos here.

Jan 17-18 Ski Cataloochee.  With Margaret W. and Joane F.  Temps chilly and windy, good sking weather even with the wind.  Friday night and Saturday.   Tried 160's K2 rentals.  Forgot my camera.

Jan 31-Feb 5  Ski Snowmass, Aspen Colorado.    Rossi Experience RTL 158's. With Joan, Julie L-G, Eva, Ahna, and Patty.  Incredible snow.  Photos here.

Top of Elk Camp Lift at Snowmass, view of Maroon Bells peaks behind me.

March 2 Mulberry Fork.  With Sabrina R. and Larry D.  In the Hyside Paddlecat.  During the Mulberry Fork Races. Level under 1 foot, started out cloudy and low 60's, went to mid 70's by the time we got to the race course. The racing was on a break so we were able to head thru the course.  Photos here.

Me and 'Brina in the Hyside Paddlecat

March 8-10 ALF 2014.  In the Blackfly Option canoe. Clear Creek on Saturday, level 450ish, Middle Tellico from Turkey Creek to Wonder Woman on Sunday, level 1.4ish (Low).  Photos here.

March 15 Horseskull and Jack's Hole caves.    With the B'ham Grotto.  Mild spring temps.  Photos here.

March 22-23 Locust Fork Race.  Didn't race, just did some flatwater bits in the Blackfly Option, after Steve and Sue tweaked the outfitting.   Felt under the weather.   Nice temps Sat, chilly Sun.

March 29 Horse and Adcock Caves.  Found them this time... with Gregory B., and his nephew K who is 9.
March 30 Mulberry.  In the Blackfly Option.  With Mark G. and Vander.  Level perhaps 1 ft.   Tried out newly tweaked outfitting, good day, warm temps upper 60's, blue skies.

April 5 NSS Pavilion Roofing.  With the B'ham Grotto.  First time I've been on the roof of a building like that.

April 12 NSS Pavilion Roofing.  We finished! In half the time we had allotted!
April 13 Entrancing With Andy, Moe and Jason.   We meant to visit Pass and Crump caves, but the landowners weren't home.  Instead we went to a cool old cemetery, drove over a couple covered bridges, went to the Calvert Prong and Blackburn whitewater put-ins, and sat on Moe and Jason's porch eating grapes and watching hummingbirds.  Photos here.

April 8, 2014

Dr. Weber Rocks

Go to 13:30 to hear Dr. Weber tell it like it is:

April 2, 2014

Incredible keyboard solo

By an incredible keyboardist, in an incredible band.

I can't wrap my head around how someone can be that gifted.

Here he is at 4 years old:

March 30, 2014

Yes I'm late to the party

And yes Scott you were right; it's a really good show.

March 23, 2014


So now I know two people who are currently watching/binging Battlestar Galactica (the remake), which is now 10 years old.  I watched it when it came out when my dear Scott gave me low rez episodes via ftp (knowing I had no TV and at the time, no online way to watch television).
I find this amusing, though I can hardly call the kettle black since I watched BG and these days, recently watched Downton, Breaking Bad, etc.  Funny how, after 18 years of not having a television in my house, I manage to watch tv online.  It's worked its way back into my life, insidiously.  In a way, it started with BG. Ah well.