March 31, 2006

Vertical Feet Climbed With Frog System Tally


I estimate 60 ft. for Sheldon.
Another 60 ft. for the climbing tower at SERA.
80 ft. for Sherwood Mtn. Pot.
120 ft. for O'Shaughnessy Pit.
TOTAL: 320 ft. as of 7-13-05.

30 ft. in Fern Cave on 11-12-05
So it's 350 ft. now.

190 ft. at Palisades on 3-27-05.
TOTAL: 540 ft.

50 ft. at Snail Shell Cave entrance sink on 9-10-06.
TOTAL: 590 ft.

*tallest drop in an Alabama Cave is Surprise Pit in Fern Cave, at 404 ft.*