November 17, 2005

Dream, Nov. 16 2005

I dreamed that I was with these folks in the basement of an old building, when one of them noticed an irregularity in a wall. They started digging at it and found a cave entrance that had been hidden. We proceeded through and found this huge cavern with a trailer in it. We went up to the trailer and opened it, and found boxes of stored food, as though the place were an abandoned fall-out shelter.
In addition to these items we found a person - alive - a girl who had suffered the removal of her head. Like Mike the headless chicken, she managed to live.

We led her out and everyone went to a picnic. Yes, a picnic. While there a really fat woman came up and started doing card tricks. Apparently the headless girl liked this though I can't figure out how she could have seen or heard anything. But she could communicate - by bouncing a small ball, which she was given. Somehow the number of bounces communicated what she was trying to say.