June 11, 2005

Paddling And Caving Tally, 2005

January 1st - Cartecay River for the Chili Run.
January 15th - Attaplex Cave.
January 22nd - Talucah Cave.
Februrary 12th - Camp's Gulf Cave.
March 5th - Mulberry Fork of the Warrior River.
March 20th - The Ocoee, Slice N' Dice park-and-play spot.
March 25th - Birmingham Grotto Guntersville Getaway
April 3rd - Clear Creek, Barnett to Jett, at flood stage.
April 16th - Mulberry Fork, low water with Panda and DB.
April 23rd - Hatchet Creek
April 24th - Coosa River, Jordan dam to Corn Creek.
April 30th - Blue Springs Cave.
May 1st - Sherwood Mtn. Pot.
May 13th-15th SERA Cave Carnival.
May 21st - Heff Fest, Nolichucky lower section for a race.
May 28th - The Nantahala Ferebee to above the Falls.
May 29th - Chattooga Section .5 of 4 (Bull Sluice bridge to Woodall). Level 1.4.
June 4th - 5th Hiwassee both days.
June 18th - Class on the Nantahala with Juliet of Endless River Adventures.
June 19th - Hiwassee with K1chik, Gauleyguide, and his friend Grant.
June 25th - Rolling Practice, Oak Mtn. Lake.
July 3rd - Sinking Cove Cave, pulldown trip
July 4th - 8th - NSS 2005 Convention, Huntsville, Al.
July 5th - Rebelay training, Grissiom HS gym, 2005 NSS Convention.
July 6th - O'Shaughnessy Pit, 120', Monte Sano state park, Huntsville Al.
July 7th - Shelta Cave, brief trip, Huntsville Al.
July 8th - Cleanup at sink above Natural Bridge Cave, Al.
July 16th - Bangor Cave, brief visit to the entrance to Green's Well, Survey of entrance to Maxwell Cave.
July 17th - Mulberry Fork. Level 1.5 ft. on the bridge.
July 23rd - Hiwassee, level one generator (yuck!)
July 24th - Hiwassee, normal level (two generators), from above Oblique Ledges to takeout.
July 30th - Locust Fork, Level 2.7, Hwy 79 bridge to Swann Covered Bridge. Trip Report
July 31st - Coosa, Level 6,000 cfs. Trip Report
August 6th - Guffey Cave
August 7th - Coosa, Level 8,000 cfs.
August 14th - Coosa, Level was supposed to be 4,000 but I think it was 10,000!
August 20th - Snail Shell Cave.
August 27th - Hiwassee normal level.
August 28th - Hiwassee normal level, put on at Towee Creek.
September 4th - Coosa Level 4,000 cfs.
September 5th - Oak Mtn. Lake.
September 10th - Oak Mtn. Lake. Handpaddling.
September 11th - Coosa level 6,000 cfs. Handpaddling. Trip Report
September 17th - Hiwassee normal level. Handpaddling.
September 18th - Hiwassee normal/low level. More than 1 but less than two generators? Is that possible? Handpaddling.
September 23rd - Marathon Run, the entire Gauley River.
October 1st - Nantahala River, minus falls. Handpaddling.
October 2nd - Nantahala River, minus falls. Handpaddling. Trip Report written by K1chik.
October 28th - Nantahala River, minus falls. Handpaddling.
October 30th - Nantahala River, Ferebee to above the falls, Handpaddling. PICTURES here.
Trip Reports here, here (shudder), and here.
November 12 - Fern Cave, to Helectite Heaven. Pictures here.
November 13 - Oak Mtn. Lake. Handpaddling And with a Paddle.
November 26th - Coosa, level 2,000 cfs.
December 31st - Toccoa, level 357 cfs.


1. Screaming Left Turn, Chattooga Section 3.5, May 30th, level: 1.4. Due to: operator error. Not going far enough left in that left turn!

2. Three Chutes Rapid, Hiwassee River, June 4th, level: two generators. Due to: massively vertical ender with moon-walk on foot blocks. And carping on roll attempt.

3. Thread The Needle, Hiwassee River; June 19th, carped on roll attempt after failed stern squirt.

4. Put-In, Mulberry Fork, July 17. Tried to roll while under someone else's boat. Don't ask.

5. 360 spot, Coosa River, July 31st. Missed roll.

6. Below 360 spot, Coosa River, August 7. Missed roll.

7. At Coosa Put-in. September 11th. Missed handpaddle roll.

8. At lunchstop on the Hiwassee. September 17th. Missed handpaddle roll.

9. and 10. Gauley River. Swam out of raft at Pillow rapid and Sweet's Falls.

11. Toccoa, One For The Road rapid. Carped on roll attempt. What a way to end a year!