September 22, 2008

Black and White animals

This is fascinating!
I watched an episode of Nature on Netflix online. It was about domesticated dogs. In it the subject of coat color was mentioned as being related to temperament. This is in regards to evidence found from the fox taming experiments in Russia by Belyaev. That's a subject worth a Google search in itself. The show remarked on the prevalence of black and white as a coat color in domesticated animals.
Think about it - black and white Tuxedo Cats like my bosses..err, I mean like my two girl kitties, black and white dogs like the damned Boston Terriers my friend Donna loves so much, black and white cattle like Holsteins, black and white horses...

Anyway I've been doing some web surfing and found this article:

... which is about rats, another domesticated animal (if perhaps not as pleasant to some as cats and dogs are... I have never owned one but did feed a few to a corn snake over the years).
Here is a quote from the article:
"...certain physiological processes underlie facets of both coat color and behavior. In particular, the hormones and neurotransmitters involved in the stress response and other behaviors are closely integrated with pigment production."

I KNEW there was scientific evidence that B&W Kitties are the BEST!!!

September 4, 2008

Just saw my orthopedist!

His words: "I don't think you need to see me again."

He said my range of motion is a month ahead of schedule. He said he didn't know how that was possible, but keep up the good work. ;-) I said, "I've been working hard on it," and he said, "I believe you!" Then I asked him about my numb fingers. He said that if my numb fingers don't regain their feeling in 6 months or so, come back to discuss a carpal tunnel release. But they are getting better, it is just slow.

I asked if I was cleared to do anything I wanted and he said, "Yes! Have at it, rock climbing or whatever you want!"

I'll still wear my little brace when doing stuff for awhile though. That's my call - I forgot to ask him about it but I think it makes me feel safer. If I crank down on one motion in particular it still hurts. And I have another month of PT ahead of me.

I am VERY happy right now!