March 30, 2007

Spam Email poetry

I'm collecting some nice subject headers for poetic reasons.

consolidate aimlessly
pucker unconcerned
Journey, into the Italian band Lord paw of them that
in his journey, and instantly electrifies his heels and puts such
beater the hypocritical that statewide or
austin oat derogatory doris
the ebony in gestapo but exhibit it's lath be crystal
dreamlike dolphin
dreamlike necromancer
furtively put socks in trousers

March 10, 2007

Blue Cheese Blog

We just got a Whole Foods Market in B'ham, and to my delight, they sell a gazillion kinds of blue cheeses.
I decided to keep a blog of the ones I've tried and my impressions of them.

Saint Agur: French, apparently made by a major dairy, and expensive. VERY delicious, creamy and tart without too much salt or bite. This is a double cream, decadent, fat-laden yummy cheese.

Forme D'Ambert:
Unpasterized French cheese. Firm, lots of blue, tart, salty, but mild.
Update: I've had this cheese for a couple weeks now, and I'm just not digging it. I don't know why, either. Its kinda bland. The blue in it is more grayish blue; maybe this means that the culture in it is a different strain or something than I'm used to, but it's just not doing it for me.