February 17, 2014

Better than any video game

Thanks to my sister Kat for sending me a link to this excellent music writing tool:


February 11, 2014


Somehow, to my surprise, I randomly made not only the best chili I have ever made, but one of the best I've ever tasted.
I'm blogging it so I remember.
In a big pot:
2 cans dark kidney beans
2 cans light kidney beans
1 big can diced tomatoes
Let them start cooking while chopping up half a white onion, three cloves garlic, saute in some olive oil in a pan with a pound of good ground beef/chuck/sirloin.  Add in a generous amount of chili powder and a healthy amount of cumin and lots of Tapatio sauce.  When the beef is browned, add it all to the pot of beans.
Cook for maybe 30 to 45 minutes, stirring frequently. Taste the sauce, and add more chili/cumin/Tapatio as necessary.  Don't let it overcook, don't let it burn on the bottom.  The advantage to this vs. a crock pot is the beans/tomatoes taste fresh vs. overcooked.

February 8, 2014


I like to spend the New Year's Day and also my birthday doing something fun.   This year so far I spent NYD playboating in a Wavesport XXX (and swimming out of it) wearing a green 'fro wig.  I spent my birthday skiing on the beautiful slopes of Snowmass in Colorado.   Sounds like a good year being brewed up.
Me, Jules, Patty, and Joan on the Elk Camp Gondola, Snowmass Mtn. in Aspen Colorado

Skiing is challenging for me, especially learning it in my 40's, but damn it is fun.  I think this is my third year skiing, but I really caught the ski bug this year and have been taking a break from winter paddling.   In Snowmass I was pleased to find many lush blue groomers covered in fresh powder.  It was incredible snow and the whole mountain has forgiving wide blue trails.  I was intimidated before I got there; fell in love with the place when I got on the slopes.  The champagne powder snow, so remarkable.  We were told it was a 20 year snowfall.  Feb 3 was a bluebird day and I took a good group lesson from a Snowmass instructor.   My advice for anyone looking to step up is to get your own boots.  It's been a game-changer for me.  Another bit of advice - take a lesson at least once per season.

I am also continuing to learn to appreciate and enjoy jazz, particularly on the piano.  In that spirit, enjoy this: