June 21, 2012

Quick Random Thoughts for June 21 2012

1.  My mind has come to a complete halt.

2.  I'm supposed to write a song a week or something.

3.  “Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward.” -C.S. Lewis.

4.  New eyeglass prescription.

5.  That kid inventing that brilliant solution that will save lives and change the course of humanity?  That was supposed to be me.

6. At least we still have chocolate.

June 20, 2012

Grassy Grass Grass

My sweet sister reminded me of this song, which I love:

This is a version with a very cool animation:

June 19, 2012

Great quote from "Arcadia"

"It makes me so happy… A door like this has cracked open five or six times since we got up on our hind legs. It’s the best possible time to be alive, when almost everything you thought you knew is wrong."

June 18, 2012

Quick Random Thoughts for June 18 2012

1.  Cicadas.

2.  pom pom pom pom POM pom pom.

3.  G-L-O-R-I A gloria! ya ya ya ya ya ya.

4.  Paddlers are the best people in the world.

5.  Yes you can, of course you can, it just takes some courage.  And you have plenty of courage.

June 8, 2012

Quick Random Notes for June 8

1. I hate how fast the year has gone already.   I have a theory that living for weekends (paddling) makes time feel more accelerated than age already does.

2. Friends of mine lost their house and four pets to a fire earlier this week; check the batteries in your smoke alarms today!  Cause is believed to be a short in a ceiling fan.

3. Two friends with Rocky Mtn. Spotted Fever; several acquaintances with Lyme.   Be vigilant against ticks.  Google "permethrin" and "tick tubes".

4. I need a positive for this list today so... it is Friday; week so far: lawn is mowed; basil and tomato plants; peaches and blueberries; kindle and sandals; visit with Scott; haircut; alnico blues; offside roll; brown sound; magnificient greens and sunshine.