February 15, 2005

February 15 2005

I am bored.
Seriously, fundamentally, I am bored. It's not that I do not have things that I do. I am busy most weekends. But I don't have a goal right now. I am meandering purposeless like a little flatwater stream whereas I prefer plummeting through a rock canyon like a whitewater creek.
Thus, right now I am watching movies.

You must understand. I haven't lived with a TV since June of 1996. I watch movies on my computer. I've never been a big fan of movies. I might see two movies a year in the theater, but several of my friends are movie nuts and watch tons and tons of them, at the theater and at home. So I am going to ask them what movies I should rent, because I have no idea what's out there.
Not that watching movies gives me any relief from my purposelessness. It's just something to fill the space, the empty space, that is my life.