December 31, 2015

Kelly Creek levels/correlations.

12-31-15.  2430 on USGS gauge.  Slightly under 2 feet on Bridge gauge.

December 29, 2015

December 21, 2015

It's not the nicest thing to say, but it is true

Then there are friends you will have for life, that you get to see maybe twice a year if you're lucky.

December 14, 2015

Grotto Time

Here is a video I made of the B'ham Grotto December Trip on 12-12-15

Grotto Time from Dangerjudy on Vimeo.

December 13, 2015

Stephen's Gap

I went to Stephen's Gap with the Sewanee Mtn. Grotto over Thanksgiving weekend; here is a video I made of the trip:

SGap11-27-15 from Dangerjudy on Vimeo.

December 9, 2015

Fun Stuff 2015

Jan 1  Mulberry.  Level 2 ft.  Air temps in the 50's. In the Liquid Logic Stomper 80.  With various members of the BCC.  Photos here.

Jan 3 Talladega Creek.  Level 1.5 ft when we put-in, 1 ft. when we took out.  In the Stomper 80. With Joan, David and Amanda, and another David.  I would call this run class II at this level, with the exception of Rob Roy which is an easy III.  Photos here.

Mrs. Steed and I at the scouting rock for Rob Roy rapid on Talladega Creek.
Jan 11 Town Creek.  In the LL Stomper 80.  Air temps 40's, water temp COLD.  Level 386 according to the flowpage tonight.  With members of the BCC.  Photos here.
Jan 18 Mulberry.  In the LL Stomper 80.  Level very low - maybe 6"?  Air temps high 50's-low 60's. With Mark G and David R.

Jan 31 Blowing Saltpeter Cave.  With the B'ham Grotto.   26 of us went to one of the first caves I ever did, great trip.  First time using the Fenix HL55 *with* the Zebra floody.  On the way back, looked in a very decorated IKF found by Donna C. and Jennifer P.  Pics HERE.
Feb 1 War Eagle.  With Ray M, Tim H, Juan F.   Gorgeous gorgeous pit.   Pics HERE.

Feb 8 Ridgewalk/Wyvern Well.  With Dave H. and Andy Z.  Went ridgewalking in the big coon with Dave H and Andy Z yesterday to visit a couple of old leads. We didn't find either lead we were there to explore, but Dave found a new pit lead that needs some vertical exploration, and we found/entered the top area of Wyvern Well, a cave Dave found and added to the survey many years ago. It is a short climbdown to a room that has a window to a drop that I think is around 50 feet, with a skylight. There's another room below that.  Photos HERE.

Feb 14 visit with Miss Iris Ranelli.  Newest member of my family.

Feb 20  Ticks Reunion at the Nick.  First time together since 1997.

Feb 27-March 1  Grotto Getaway.  At the Paint Rock Valley Lodge.  Photos here.

Dale, me, Bruce.  Bridge Day buddies

March 7-8 Mulberry Fork Races.   March 8- paddled the Mulberry in the cavers' new raft, then a second time in the Hyside Paddlecat with Chris G.  Photos here.

March 14-16 ALF 2015.  Ain't Louie Fest 2015.  With the Lost Tribe.
March 14- Whites Creek, level was .9 when we put on, and 1 ft. when we took-out. In the LL Stomper 80.  Air temps mid-upper 50's and misty/rain.
March 15 - O.U.T. Race on Tellico river, level 2.6, in the Blackfly Option 92.  Air temps upper 60's/low 70's, sunny gorgeous day.
March 16 - Middle Tellico, level 2.3, in the LL Stomper 80.  Air temps low 70's, another gorgeous day.  Photos here.  Videos of race here.
March 21 Trail tagging at Ruffner Mtn.  With the Birmingham Grotto.  Photos here.

March 22 Mulberry.  In the LL Stomper 80.  Level about .9 on the bridge, 5.33 online,  1.09 using the correlation 0.75 * 5.33 -2.9.  With Lynn, Josh, and other members of the BCC.

March 24-30 Ski trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.   Had 8-12" fresh snow fall our first night, so Wed-Thurs was some powder.  Friday went to Grand Targhee and was ice (Sacajawea!).  Saturday was back to Jackson for some slushy snow.  Warm temps.  Photos here.

April 11 Mulberry.  In the Wave Sport Project X56.  With Rundell C.   Level 1.6 on the bridge, we were surprised to find Training Wheels washed out into a flat (nice) front surfing wave.  Didn't bring the camera.  Air temps in the 70's.

April 12 Talladega Creek, Kymulga Mill Putin.   With members of the Birmingham Grotto.  Brought my camera but the battery was dead.  Level on the gauge at was in the 250 range.  The groundskeeper at the mill charges $3 per boat to park your car there (two of us in one canoe for $3, for instance).  He closes the gate at 5pm.
He, and Damon who lives nearby, predicted a 6 hour float due to the deadfall/strainers, but even with a couple of portages we did the trip in a leisurely 3.5 hours.

April 18 Tumbling Rock Cave.  With the Bham Grotto, Scout trip to the Christmas tree.  Photos here.
April 19 High Water Locust Fork.  With the Bham Grotto rafters and Kyle S.  Level 7.5 and rising on the gauge.  Great day!  Photos here.
April 26  Upper Nanty in the Hyside Paddlecat.  With Jenni H. and Ryland G.  Level 650 on Cascades, 1400 on Lower Nanty, and put-in sidewalk covered.  Temps in the mid to upper 60's. Water was a bit colder than usual Upper Nanty release; I wore a drytop and neoprene shorts. Video here.
May 2 Float The Lazy River.   BCC class on the Cahaba, Grants Mill to Overton, level 180.   Air temp 70ish, water temp chilly.  Sunshine, great day.  Photos here.
May 3 Mulberry.   Level under a foot.  (4.99 ft USGS). Taught a kayak private instruction to Julie L. With Joan S.  In the LL Remix 69.  Air temp up 70's-low 80's, water temp chilly.  Wonderful, wonderful day!  Photos here.
May 9-10 SERA.  With the B'ham Grotto including Kathy K.   Visited Buffalo Cove cave and Pickett rock shelter.  Photos here.
May 23 Hiwassee.  With Ry and Jenni.  In the Project X 56.  Beautiful day.
May 24.  Upper Ocoee.  With Wendy A.  and a slew of other shredders, canoeists, and kayakers.  In the Hyside Paddlecat.  Swam at Mikeys, dumped at Callahans, swam under the bridge.  ugh!  All's well that ends well.   First carnage via paddlecat since I bought it.
May 31 Float The Lazy River 2.  On the Lily section of the Cahaba (West Blocton).   In the LL Remix 69.   Gorgeous day.
...lack of photos due to losing my camera in my house after May 2nd trip.   Found it June 22nd.
June 13 Hiwassee.  With Christine B., Allie and Kirk.  In the Project X 56.
June 20 Bike Ride.  With Andy and Lynn.   On an 05 Specialized Allez Elite.
June 27-July 3 Week Of Rivers 2015.  Annual event hosted by the Carolina Canoe Club.
June 28- Nantahala, Ferebee thru falls, in the LL Stomper 80.  With Joan S., Linda D., Lorraine B., and joined by Wendy A. in her new Bakraft.
June 29- Tuck Town (Devil's Dip).  WS Project X 56.  With Joan S., Linda W., Lorraine B. Then a walk thru Bryson City, lunch at the Filling Station, great BLT.
June 30- Pigeon.  In the LL Stomper 80.  With Joan S., Greg M., Lorraine B.
July 1- Tuckaseegee Gorge.  In the WS Project X 56.  With Joan S., Linda D., Lorraine B., Charlotte in her new (used) Varun, others.   2 generators.
July 2- Canoe Clinic on the Nantahala, Ledges to Donnie Dutton.   In the Blackfly Option.  Led by Sarah R. with her dad Rich, Sue R. also in clinic.
July 3- Little Tennessee, in the Blackfly Option.  With many folks listed above also including Oci-one Kanubi.  Level 700, class I.
Photos for the Week of Rivers 2015 here.
July 4 BBQ and Party.   BBQ at my brother Frank's and SIL Rene's house, baby Iris and fam from New York, and niece Sophia visiting from New Zealand.
Then classic Southside B'ham party at kick-ass house, with pool, 3 bands, fireworks, everything...

July 11-19 NSS Convention.   Great time.  Camped with the Howells and Sewanee Grotto.
Sunday: Arrived at Convention, set up camp.
Monday: Trip to Carroll Cave, 3 hr trip, MUDDY, GORGEOUS.   Howdy Party at camp.
Tuesday: National sessions.
Wednesday: International Sessions.  Wed. night party.
Thursday: Float trip on Gasconade River.   Photo Salon Thurs. night.
Friday: Entrance visits to Tunnel Cave and Railroad Cave, then a stop by Roubidoux Springs with Danny C.  Banquet and awards that night.  Valerie H. received her NSS Fellowship.
Photos here.
Incredibly decorated Carroll Cave

Enormous entrance to Tunnel Cave
July 25-26 Old Timers Trip with the BCC.  In the Liquid Logic Remix 69.   Beautiful gorgeous days on the Hiwassee.  Didn't bring my camera so no pics.

Aug 1-2 BCC Intermediate Canoe Clinic.  In the Blackfly Option.  With members of the Birmingham Canoe Club, and the first appearance of Creepy Jack.  Photos here.

Aug 8-9 Hiwassee.  In the Blackfly Option. With the Lost Tribe, and Boy Scout masters and parents.
Photos here.

Aug 16 Bike Ride at Coldwater Mtn. and then Rappelling with the Gadsden Grotto.  At Cherokee Rock Village.  Photos here.

Aug 22-23 BCC Women's Trip/TVCC Meet-up.  On the Hiwassee. Saturday in the Blackfly Option; Sunday in the WS ProjectX56.  Photos here.

Aug 29 Coldwater Mtn. bike ride.  With Larry D.  We met at the Anniston trailhead, and went up through the Rabbit Hole, down Trillium, and returned to the Anniston trailhead.

Aug 30 Lake Howard bike ride, Sylacauga.  With Larry D., Randall D., Shiori I.   Two days of mtn. biking in a row kicked my a*#.   We went up Sylaward trail and through Lakeview Loop and COGS loop.

Sept 5 Sewanee Mtn. Grotto Cave Fest.   Visited Big Mouth Cave with Myrna A., Aaron A., and others.  Auction and pot-luck supper that night.

Sept 6 Ocoee.  In the LL Stomper 80.  Hot day, temps upper 80's. With Christine B., and David P., met up with many others.  Had a boater hit my elbow in the play wave of Staging Eddy, and swam. Ulnar nerve bruise.
First time on the Ocoee in a kayak this season.   The Hiwassee stole my heart this year.

Sept 7 Coldwater Mountain bike ride.  With Larry D., Ann A., and Randall D.  Achieved my goal of doing three different fun things on each different day of Labor Day Weekend.   I wore my creeking elbow pads, and did two laps of Baby Bear/Momma Bear, then one cool off lap on Baby Bear.  Meanwhile Larry and Ann went up Cassidy etc.   Later in the day, went to a birthday party for the princess, at Laura N.'s house, and played acoustic guitars with Ed R.

Photos of Labor Day weekend 2015 here.

Sept 12 Rolling Clinic/Instruction Hiwassee.  Taught a class to Charlotte and Rod.  Stayed the night at Christine's camper and watched football.  Went home Sunday.  Elbow injuries suck!

Sept 17 Missed Gauleyfest.  Pope in cuba

Sept 25-27 GAF 2015.  Stayed in cabin with team V.  Paddled the Upper Nantahala in the Octane with Steve I.   Video here.   Paddled the 'normal' Nantahala in the Stomper with the lost tribe.  Matthew and Colin were in my paddlecat.   Elbow still killing me.
Sunday - took photos and some videos at PBnJ rapid on the Upper Nantahala, and at the Nantahala cascades.  Videos of PBnJ edited together here.  Photos of GAF weekend here.

Oct 9-11 TAG Fall Cave-In 2015.  Much fun, went on a wild mushroom field trip, had hotdogs/brauts and fixings for the Sat. night supper with the B'ham grotto, and there was an 80's hair band as the music after the announcements.  Photos here.

Oct 11  The Ticks at Daniel Day Gallery.   Even more fun, great sunny day at the gallery, awesome time!

Oct 23-26 Elmo's Wedding in NYC.  Wonderful time!

Oct 31 Coosa.  6000cfs, last scheduled release of the season.  In the WS Project X 56.  With Joan, Julie, and Linda B.  Beautiful float.

Nov 8 Lovick section of the Cahaba.  In the Stomper 80.  With Clayton.  Level 250ish, about as low level as would make runnable.  The last rapid really wasn't runnable per se, we just bashed down wet rocks.  Air temp upper 50's, nice float, approx. 3 hrs.  considerable flatwater, class I rapids.  Kingfishers and ducks.

Nov 14 Anvil Cave.  With the Birmingham Grotto, Joan S. and Joy C.

Nov 21 Mulberry.  In the Stomper 80.  With Andy and Lynn, and Clayton and Kah Yee.  Level about 6-8 inches on the bridge, air temps upper 60's.  Training wheels still a hole,  Lunchstop was delightful, 5-0 was shallow.

Nov 27 Stephen's Gap.  With Sewannee Mtn. Grotto.
Nov 28 Coldwater Mtn. bike ride.   With Randall and Shiori.
Nov 29 Sylaward Park mtn. bike ride.  With Randall, Shiori, Ann and Becky.

Dec 5 Locust Fork.  In the Stomper 80.  Level on online gauge 2.81.  Sunny day, air temps started in upper 40's/low 50's, as I left was 58F. With the BCC. Lowish level.
Dec 6 Tumbling Rock Cave.  With Joan S., Joy C., Dave and Valerie H., Andy Z., Shiori I and Jessica G..   Photos here.
Dec 14 Johnsons Crook Cave.  With the B'ham Grotto.  Air temps outside in the upper 60's.  Video here.  Photos here.
Dec 22 Locust Fork.  In the Stomper 80.  Level on online gauge 2.4ish.  Foggy, air temps in the upper 60's.

Me on the Locust Fork 12-22-15.  Photo by Chuck Neese

Dec 25 The Ticks at the Nick.  Floods, thunderstorms, tornadoes, yet still we played and many friends showed up.  The Dirty Lungs opened, great band.

December 5, 2015

Kitty Cat 7

Kitty Cat 6 needs work; meanwhile I just caught myself singing to my cat again so here is Kitty Cat 7.