June 27, 2014

June 20, 2014

Attention New Whitewater Paddlers

It's been awhile since I gave a little plug for my wiki.   Please have a look at the wiki Steve and I have created for new whitewater paddlers at  http://nubiaq.wikispaces.com/.  I keep it updated with new stuff as I find it online, also new equipment and so forth.

June 18, 2014

June 17, 2014

June 7, 2014


Damn. Didn't realize new episodes would all come out in a batch.  This is because I only recently watched the 1st series.  What an opportunity to binge.  And then, such a great line:  "It's great to see you evolving, Chapman.  And getting past the whole 'I'm the star of my own movie and everyone else's, too' complex."

June 2, 2014

June 1, 2014

Probing the mystical realm aka squirt boating

Here is a wonderful new video of some squirt boating.   A bit of info about what squirt boating is: http://tnjn.org/2009/sep/03/squirt-boating-a-rare-complex-/ with one correction - there's a flat hull  on the bottom not hole.   "there’s no deviation to the hull, so it’s just really flat and slick."   A boat with a "hole" in the bottom is not a boat.  

Worlds from Difficult E on Vimeo.