June 22, 2020

Some rolling drills

Old school drill - toss the paddle;I am shaking my head at the last one because he has the power sides of the blades up, but he rolled just fine.  We also did passing the paddle over the hull from hand to hand, then setup and roll.

June 6, 2020

My sister Kathy passed away 5-31-20

Many thanks to my friends and family for their support, both during my sister's long illness, and now at her passing.  This photo shows the beautiful box decorated by Wendy and Linda Bishop for her ashes, as it was presented here at her funeral Mass.  
Kathy's obituary is here: 

My sister had frontal-temporal dementia, a form of the disease that is known for striking people younger than 60.   Learn more about FTD and support research for treating and preventing this disease, here: https://www.theaftd.org/60minutes/

June 5, 2020

Green Narrows 1976

Amazing historic footage of some of the first paddlers to explore the Green Narrows in North Carolina. 
Here is a link to an article about the secret history of the Green: 

"From the men's journal green article. "Cutting-edge whitewater was exactly what Fearless, Rapid, and Hair were after. Other early descents held far less expectation. In 1976, a group of five — Steve Holmes, Scott Pendergrast, Michael Rainey, Andrew Stults, and Peter Zurflieheigh — entered the Narrows almost on a whim. As kayaker Andrew Stults relates, “I was blissfully unaware. I wasn’t even nervous about the run.” Stults was riding the enthusiasm of open-boater Michael Rainey, whose mother-in-law lived near the Narrows. Rainey had hiked the canyon, and was eager to return with a boat." -BradRoberts