January 29, 2014

We need a bit of cheering up around here

...thanks to Snowpocalypse 2014.  I've been fortunate to spend it at home with my 2 cats and a murder of crows/red wing blackbirds commandeering my bird feeders.   Some friends and co-workers have had a hard time with it, staying at work or stuck in their cars overnight.
This has nothing to do with the storm or its aftermath, but it made me laugh so I share it with you now:

January 22, 2014

January 10, 2014

January 3, 2014

Cartecay Chili Run 2014 vid

I put together this little video of my friend Christine's cousin Foxxy throwing down some disco moves at the Cartecay Chili Run, New Years Day 2014.  Enjoy!

Cartecay Chili Run 2014 from Dangerjudy on Vimeo.

Tellico History Video

Very interesting.   Unbelievable how huge those old growth trees were that they logged out.

This is wild!  I had no idea there used to be a railroad atop Bald River Falls.