May 31, 2012

Quick Random Notes for May 31

1.  Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is a brilliant premise.

2.  that's really all I got tonight.

May 30, 2012

Quick Random Notes For May 30

1.  Playboat fits inside new car no problem.

2.  No I do not need a kitten.  No I do not need a kitten.  No I do not...

3.  Irradiated Tuna is damn tasty.

4.  Mark G. dislocated his shoulder on Sec. IV.   Hate having another friend in the Shoulder Club.

5.  My kindergarten teacher, and cousin, passed away.  Very sad.  She was such a sweet lady.

6.  Don't wait until it's too late to tell someone you love them.

May 29, 2012

Tuesday song

Great version of a great song

May 26, 2012

Drowning Doesn't Look Like Drowning

Some good advice and information.  Everyone who recreates on and in the water needs to read this.  "Drowning is almost always a deceptively quiet event. The waving, splashing, and yelling that dramatic conditioning (television) prepares us to look for, is rarely seen in real life."

May 25, 2012

the folly of reaching for perfect

Great article from my friend Chris Wing of H20Dreams Kayak Instruction:

Quick Random Notes for May 25

1. I bought some nice pretty outdoor sandals from LLBean; this means my nearly new Chacos that I have lost will re-appear.
2.  Hunger Games got better as I read along.   I will see the movie, now.
3.  Ribeye; Corn on the cob; Sauteed mushrooms in garlic and butter; Romaine salad with blue cheese dressing.
4.  My mom tried to teach me many things, and I'm not sure how much really stuck, but one thing she did teach me was how to cook.   She was an awesome cook.  And so am I.  But she liked to cook for others, whereas I am shy about it.
5.  Hefeweissen is my favorite kind of beer.
6.  Try to be the glass-half-full kind of person, maybe it can do some good in your life.
7.  The boating this weekend is gonna ROCK, ROCK I tell you.

Great Video

Great videography, great story, great waterfalls... enjoy!

May 24, 2012

Quick Random Notes for May 24

1. Today is the 4th anniversary of my accident when I fell off the cliff in terms of it being the Thursday before Memorial Day.

2.  That is the second time I've had an accident where I 'should' have died.  The first was in 2000 when I flipped my pickup truck on northbound I-59.   My truck rolled repeatedly in the median, slid on the roof across the southbound lanes, and stopped upside down on the opposite side of the highway.  I walked away from that accident unhurt.   

3.  Near death experiences like this always seem unreal, and at first might make one think of life-changing activities but in all honesty, I end up going back to the same routine because, well, that's how life is.  I might think of packing it in and moving to Madagascar or something, but end up misplacing the car keys and cleaning up cat hair and painting my toe-nails same as it ever was.

4.  Indeed writing about the truck accident I almost feel like I'm writing fiction, but it did happen.

5.  Is there anything I could do to make things right?

6.  Thinking of getting one of those balance board thingies.  Like this:  After all I need to find new ways to bust my ass.  Seriously though maybe it will help my skiing.   I don't snowboard.

7. One more thing - I had my recurring dream about owning a motorcycle again.   Something tells me that wouldn't be the best idea given my accident record, but...

May 22, 2012

Quick Random Notes for May 22

1. My callouses from the pull-up bar are hurting me, and I still can't do an honest-to-god strict pull-up.
2. 3250 miles on the new car in a little over 1 month.
3. blackandwhite kitties are Best.
4. Who the hell invented the ampersand.
5. I'm sorry.  I do apologize sincerely.
6. Whitewater Kayaking is one of the funnest things anyone could possibly do.
7. Sunday Monkey Play Piano Song.
8. Oh yeah that guitar stuff.

May 21, 2012


What's your connection? The ever-provocative Leland Davis discusses why we run rivers, why many boaters lose interest and quit, and how to keep enjoying boating for a lifetime.

Quick Random Notes for May 21

1. So exhausted from the weekend I called in for PTO, which I never ever do because it burns a vacation day I could be paddling.
2. Need better method to stop losing my keys.
3. Some Lennon songs make me really melancholy, esp. Mind Games.
4. Ben has to stay twelve weeks - three months!- on crutches so I am going to stop complaining about the burpees.
5. The thing about rolling is it's all in your head.

May 20, 2012

I love this song


A wise quote from Amy Rae Fox via Chris Wing:

I don't aspire to paddle HARD; to crush, shred, charge, nail or stomp. 
I seek power, precision, awareness and insight. With it I will carve, glide, launch, fall and fly. When I paddle with grace, the river will not beat me down, because we are one. 
Delighting, in love, sharing the most wondrous and secret dance.

May 18, 2012

Quick Random Notes

1.Tessa Kitty is on the couch by my ear, purring loudly
2. I really would rather be building motion graphics today and every work day
3. Something is eating my basil plants; I have safer soap coming from amazon
4. You could contact me and at least let me know you're OK
5. Ben's leg is in a cast and it's got new hardware too
6. Tessa Kitty is clawing at my hair now
7. There is nothing better than paddling but the driving wears me out
8. I'm reading Hunger Games and it's not as good as everybody told me it would be
9. Burpees suck


Wish I had been told this oh, about 30 years ago.

Boater Chick Festival Weekend

Yes this weekend is the Boater Chick Festival...  Here is a link to 5 reasons it rules...

May 16, 2012

They Opened For The Beatles in 66

Another find from Little Steven's Underground  - The Remains -

May 2, 2012

Ed Sullivan, Second Beatles appearance

The *entire* show.   Interesting to see the acts and commercials that surrounded the Fab Four's performances on Ed Sullivan.