June 12, 2018

Perception Corsica and Pirouette

Perception Corsica and Pirouette
I get the different models of these boats confused, and asked for details on Old School Whitewater Boat Obsession forum.  Here's the conversation:

Me:   I never knew the difference between the Corsica, Corsica Matrix, and also the different Pirouette lines... do tell

Tim Kennedy:   Corsica was the OG. It was the first "keyhole" cockpit/creeking specific design from Perception, influenced by the short (relatively speaking) creek boats of the time, such as the T-Canyon and Jeti. Corsica S came next with more rocker and maybe a bit shorter ("S" for small or sport). Then came the Matrix with even more rocker and a bit wider for stability. The Matrix also came out with outfitting/safety improvements with the "Proline" outfitting (which was also now offered in Corsica and Corsica S). The Proline outfitting incorporated pe reinforced pillars and bulkhead footbraces. Then came the (Corsica)Overflow and later Overflow X.
Gary DeBacher:  First met Corran Addison when he was sitting by his glass Corsica prototype along the Nanty. He only had a hand in designing the Corsica and the Corsica S. Most considered the S to be the best boat with the Corsica name. The initial keyhole cockpit was too narrow at the front for big guys. Charlie Wallbridge hogged his out to fit. I had the second version and still had to cut back the braces. The third version was a better fit.

Christopher Muldrow: As far as Pirouettes, the regular Pirouette was an edgier, more slalomy boat than the Dancer. One could argue it was the first plastic "playboat." The Pirouette S shaved two inches off the regular model and had a lower volume stern. The Pirouette SS (Super Sport) had a concave stern and much lower volume overall. It was Perception's counter to the RPM. A Pirouette S and a regular Pirouette behave fairly similarly. A Super Sport will stern squirt you down the river if you're over a certain weight range. The original Pirouette came out before there was a Proline option, so you'll find some older boats that don't have that Proline outfitting. By the time the SS was out, Proline was available on all of them.
   Gary replied:  The Pirouette S was smaller than the regular in the bow as well as the stern. And the S had less overall rocker than the regular.

Willy B Roberts:   Corsica came out 88/89. Matrix 91. Pirouette and Overflow 92/93

Gordon Black:  I believe Corran Addison designed the Corsica. I may be wrong, but I think he did. It is faster than you would think. I really liked the Matrix, tho not nearly as fast.