October 20, 2012

I. Love. This.

Quick Random Thoughts for October 20 2012

1. Watched college football today (on the Internet) for the first time this season.  It's been nice. I sure hope the Tide Rolls over the Vols tonight, else I have to put up with my Knoxville paddling buddies giving me grief all year. BTW when I bought my Magnum I chose to buy a lime green boat instead of an orange boat because of all the Vols fans I paddle with. Didn't want them getting any ideas about my team loyalty.  And I just bought a lovely Crimson Red Remix 69...  yes liquidlogic calls it brick red but what do they know.
2.  There is an indescribably good feeling about thinking you are going to learn new things and challenge your mind.  That's how I feel about my upcoming work projects.  The Motion 2012 conference really did kick start my brain, just as promised.  I have to get down and dirty and obsess over minutia, which for whatever reason I love to do!
3.  My knee still hurts from when I cut it swimming on the Ocoee Olympic section in August.  I guess I bruised the bone. ?  I do not recommend swimming the Olympic section.  Roll the damn boat.
4.  I support the use of the Interrobang; some of these others I am not so sure about...
5.  Goal:  Relearn Hand Roll

October 4, 2012

17 things worth knowing about your cat



I didn't watch the debates or the baseball game.

October 1, 2012

Quick Random Thoughts for Oct 1 2012

1.  A fellow lady paddler was caught in a pin in a strainer on the Upper Nanty with her head under water for over 2 minutes.  She was rescued by heroes, one of whom ran into the river with no pfd or helmet to pull her out of the strainer, hold her head above water, and save her life.    CPR was done and she was revived and will have a full recovery.   CPR saves drowning victims' lives!  Get certified!  And take a SWR class too!

2.  I have a new boat -Remix 69 in brick red.  I love new toys. Have to outfit it now.  I got a killer deal on it from NOC at GAF.

3.  It was a great GAF this year and I especially love camping at Smoky Mtn. Meadows near Bryson City.   There was an osprey that followed us for part of the trip down the Nantahala.   Lots to think about.   Losing Jeff; nearly losing our friend mentioned above; my friend Jim who was in a terrible motorcycle accident and lost a leg; being grateful for each day I can spend on the water and in company of such good friends.  Spending time with Ben and walking the Upper Nanty with Teledave.  Crisp nights in the tent and stars out.   Solid rolls; solid strokes, good lines at the falls.  The Gorge is my home away from home.

4.  Happy Birthday.

5.  Need to rest.