September 4, 2008

Just saw my orthopedist!

His words: "I don't think you need to see me again."

He said my range of motion is a month ahead of schedule. He said he didn't know how that was possible, but keep up the good work. ;-) I said, "I've been working hard on it," and he said, "I believe you!" Then I asked him about my numb fingers. He said that if my numb fingers don't regain their feeling in 6 months or so, come back to discuss a carpal tunnel release. But they are getting better, it is just slow.

I asked if I was cleared to do anything I wanted and he said, "Yes! Have at it, rock climbing or whatever you want!"

I'll still wear my little brace when doing stuff for awhile though. That's my call - I forgot to ask him about it but I think it makes me feel safer. If I crank down on one motion in particular it still hurts. And I have another month of PT ahead of me.

I am VERY happy right now!

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