June 8, 2012

Quick Random Notes for June 8

1. I hate how fast the year has gone already.   I have a theory that living for weekends (paddling) makes time feel more accelerated than age already does.

2. Friends of mine lost their house and four pets to a fire earlier this week; check the batteries in your smoke alarms today!  Cause is believed to be a short in a ceiling fan.

3. Two friends with Rocky Mtn. Spotted Fever; several acquaintances with Lyme.   Be vigilant against ticks.  Google "permethrin" and "tick tubes".

4. I need a positive for this list today so... it is Friday; week so far: lawn is mowed; basil and tomato plants; peaches and blueberries; kindle and sandals; visit with Scott; haircut; alnico blues; offside roll; brown sound; magnificient greens and sunshine.

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