July 6, 2012

idears, o dear!

These are some random images/ideas I am mulling about.

One day we'll be these mean little old ladies
grumbling around the nursing home
we won't admit we ever knew each other 
bouncing our chairs down the cobblestone.

I saw a picture, it was something I
didn't remember looking like that before
Middle age is so unbecoming...
We waste all of the time until it's over
then it's over...

And then it's Fancy Hat Time!

Most tempting live-in-a-van-by-the-river job opportunity I've ever seen:  Denali Raft Guide

1 comment:

Doc Marten Raoul de la Souza said...

RE living in a van by the river - did you know that the 'real' Suzanne Verdal', the one that Leonard Cohen made the song 'Suzanne takes you Down' about, did indeed live by a river ( though not in a van) and found it a gas gas gas, especially during the beat years.
AND Cohen himself once drove a GM Denali! So you see? the great elliptical circle of life as we know it!