July 13, 2012

Quick Random Thoughts For July 13 2012

1.  A reminder for anyone interested in, or beginning to, paddle whitewater: my friend Steve and I have built a wiki for new padders here:  http://nubiaq.wikispaces.com/.   I try to keep it updated with new and current info as I can.

2.  I want a Nord Electro 3 full-size keyboard, please.  

3.  If you are looking for a non-fiction book to read, I cannot recommend The Emperor of All Maladies highly enough.  I love it when a book teaches me things I thought I knew something about.  This book blew my mind.

4.  In keeping on the subject of the book, check this out:  http://cancergenome.nih.gov/

5.  I am going to stay home and play guitar tonight.  I tried using my M-Audio to record some stuff on my laptop, but there is a lot of hiss etc. in it.  So recommendations for a better system are welcomed.   I wouldn't mind recording to an SD card or hard drive instead of straight to the laptop.   I will admit that I suspect my Korg Pandora box is to blame for most if not all of the the noise.   So suggestions regarding that are welcome too.

6.  After a year and a half of dedication to Crossfit,  I pretty.

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