July 5, 2012

Quick Random Thoughts for July 5 2012

1. I'm thinking about doing another triathlon, because the triathletes wear stickers all over themselves, and I love stickers.  

2.  Actually most kayakers I've encountered  love stickers; I am not sure why.  Maybe it's just that kayaking makes us feel like little kids playing in the water, and little kids like stickers!

3. There was a table with free stickers on it at Week of Rivers, and people were grabbing them up, including me, though I only got one - it's a waterproof sticker for contact info in case whatever it's stuck onto gets lost... I didn't get any other free stickers because I would be tempted to put them all over my new car.  I am trying not to do that, at least not for awhile.  So I only have one sticker on my car, a small bat sticker.  My old car had a lot of stickers on it.  I don't have a picture of my old car handy.  So I'll put one of my favorite photoshop compositions instead:
Ronzo, Dneesh, RickR, Laughingtotem as ABBA in the NOC
4.  It's weird but I am going to go caving instead of paddling this weekend.   I mean, I think I am. I have the kayaking bug so bad right now!  Of course cleaning up this house instead is out of the question...
5.  BTW, I am getting another boat.  I need another boat.  I actually really do need another boat because the boats I have do not fill every possible niche of paddling I might consider doing on a given day.   So I need a new boat.  Yes, a new boat.   Brand new.  Spanking.  New.  I need this.   I didn't need a kitten, so I didn't get one, but I do need a new kayak.   You know what I mean don't you?   Will probably be a Remix 69.   Though the Mamba 8.1 is in the running too.   I think I might be a little too light for the Mamba 8.1 and I'm too heavy for the Mamba 7.6. hmmm. One thing that my friends agree with me about is that considering another boat in the fleet is always the right thing to do - because it gets us out of the house and off the couch and Living the Life.   I can always call Ronzo; he knows to say "YES you need that boat!" as soon as I say "hello".  And I will do that same thing for him and for any other friend considering another water toy.
6.  I was telling someone about how much I love the Smoky Mountains in Tenn/NC and how I know I will live there one day.   I think some people are more drawn to one topography over another; for instance, people who are drawn to the beach and the sea.   I do love the beach, especially walking on the beach at night with moonlight...  and I have been to many places and seen many other mountains including the Rockies, the Alps, the Sierra Nevada, and Mt. Rainier; but the Smoky Mountains are special.   There is a fecundity in these Southern hills; hidden wet places where ferns and poison ivy and mountain laurel crowd together in all variations of the color green;  random thunderstorms and ozone charged air, moss and rocks and water falling down the gorges; critters abound; and at night, even after the hottest days, the air is so cool you need your sleeping bag in your tent.    
7.  These thoughts are not quick, but they are random.   
8.  Do you have people that you just do not talk to?  I do.  It is childish of me, I know.  We're all going to be these ol' bitchy ladies who never talk to each other if we don't watch out.  Then we will be dead and gone and have missed the opportunity.   But why talk to someone if you don't have something nice to say or if they just annoy the piss out of you?  That's how I see it.  I've only got so much piss and vinegar, and I can't be squandering it...  I need it to cuss out the river gods after a nasty swim.  
9.  Though looking back over several decades, there really are very few times when me, marjorie, and donna all got along with each other simultaneously.  
10.  I think I'm supposed to write another song now.   

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