August 29, 2012

Quick Random Thoughts for August 29

1.  I got worked in Callahan's on the Olympic section of the Ocoee last Saturday, and subsequently got three stitches in my knee.  And my knee hurts.  It effing hurts.  I was one good roll away from all of this pain and cost.

2.  I'm just grumpy about it this morning.   It gets better every day.

3.  Faith in the future, out of the now.  Miss you John.  Glad your killer didn't get parole.

4.  So Ben has a bum left foot.  I have a bum left knee.  Andy has a bum left ankle.  Is this a pattern?  I hope not!

5.  I need to be around children more.  I never wanted to have kids.   But I like kids.   I'd be a great evil stepmother.  I'd make them go into the woods and drop breadcrumbs to find their way back.  Just kidding! Instead I'd force them to go kayaking and camping instead of to the mall.  Poor things.  And they'd have to take piano lessons too.

6.  Donna told me about seeing a sign for something called, "Straight Outta Brompton".

7.  Email me already.


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