December 22, 2013

Fun Stuff 2013

Boofing down the Upper Mishaulli Part II - 019
Boofing the Recon 83 on the Upper Misahualli.  photo cred Juliet Jacobsen Kastorff

Guide Craig Parks on the Upper Mis Jan 1 2013
Jan 1  Ecuador.  Went to the Tena region and paddled the Upper Mishualli.   What better way to celebrate the new year then paddling a sweet III+/IV creek?  We stayed at the Hosteria Orchids Paradise.
Jan 2  Ecuador.  Paddled the Jactunyacu river, 18 miles of big water pool drop, very scenic.  I joked that it was the Endless River that ERA was named for.
Jan 3 Ecuador.  Paddled the Upper Mishualli creek again, it was that good.  Afterwards we returned to the Rio Quijos Lodge.
Boofing down the Upper Mishaulli Part II - 082
Boofing on the Upper Mis photo cred Juliet Jacobsen Kastorff.  
Jan 4 Ecuador.  Took the day off from paddling, 2 other guests did a short section of the Borjas into Quijos.  The Quijos was flooded.  Visited the hot springs on the way back to Quito.  Arrived back in Quito at the Hotel Embassy.
Jan 5 Ecuador.  Took the Teleferico up the side of Pichincha Volcano, overlooking Quito, then once back down we went to a market near the hotel. Had dinner with Ollie and Dave then to the airport around 9:30 pm.  The plane home left at 12:30 am.
Ecuador photos here and here.
Jan 12 Locust Fork.  Approx. 380 cfs. In the LL Remix 69.  Air temp low 70's, water warmer than usual for January.  With, Joan, Rebecca, Carin, Heyward, Mark, Vander, Bubba, Angie, Larry, and many many others from the HCC. Photos HERE.
Vinemont Falls on East Fork of Flint Creek

Jan 19 East Fork of Flint Creek.  In the LL Remix 69.  With Ryan and Ming, Larry, Andy and Lynn. Level 0 which is min.  Temps low 50's and Sunny. Pics HERE.
Jan 26.  Mulberry.  In the WS ProjectX 56.  With the BCC.  Level 1 foot at the bridge, air temps mid 50's.  Photos HERE.
Jan 27 Locust.  In the WS ProjectX 56.  With Jim T., Andy and Lynn, Larry, Phil F., Tamara, Jennifer T.  Air temps low 50's and cloudy = chilly.  Level minimum (2.7).  I had my car at 160 but took out at Swann with some of the others.  Jim's second trip back in the boat after his accident/leg amputation.  Photos HERE.
Feb 1-4 Ski Sugar Mtn.  With Joan, Patty and her twins, Bubba and his daughter Sam. Saw Tony Purple Hair on the slopes.   Sunday it had snowed so much people couldn't get into Banner Elk so we had powder, no lines and no waiting.  The trade-off was we had to stay another night there, so we got take-out pizza and watched the Superbowl (the kids watched Ace Ventura then Home Alone.)  Photos HERE.

Feb 9 Locust Fork.  With Team V.  In the Remix 69.  Level around 3.5, air temps in the 60's, sunny.  Saw the Spelunkologists on the river.
Below Powell Falls on the Locust, Feb 9 2013.
 Photo cred Dave McRae.
Feb 17 Mulberry Fork.  In the ProjectX56.  Level 1.5 on the bridge/5.75 on the new USGS gauge.  With Larry D., Mark G., Vander H., Roy T., Andy and Lynn.  Air temps upper 40s/low 50s; water temp damned COLD.
Feb 19 Mulberry 5-0 Rapid.  In the ProjectX56.  Level 2.5 on the bridge/6.7 on the new USGS gauge.  With Larry D.  Air temps upper 50's, water temps surprisingly not that cold. Videos here and here.
Feb 23-24 Guntersville Getaway. With the Birmingham Grotto.   Photos here.
March 2-3 Mulberry Fork Canoe and Kayak Races.  Level 1.5 ft. COLD Saturday with snow flurries, Sunny on Sunday.  I was a gate judge both days, did not paddle.  Photos here.
March 9 ALF 2013. Little River in the GSMNP.  In the Riot Magnum 72.  Weather in the upper 50s/Low 60s and sunny.   Elbow to the Y section then part of the Sinks to Elbow section.
March 10 ALF 2013.  Tellico River.  In the Magnum 72.  Weather in the 60's and sunny.  Level around 1.9 ft.  Watched OUT race on the ledges, paddled the Upper Tellico, and then went to the afterparty at the Tellico Outpost.  Photos HERE.
March 16 Mulberry.  In the Project X 56.  With the BCC, 18 boaters in our group.  Level 5.44 on the USGS gauge, 1.1 on the bridge gauge.  Low 70's, sunny, perfect day.
March 19-26 Solitude Ski trip.  In Utah Powder. Pics here.
March 30 Mulberry.  In the Project X 56.  With Team V, Larry D.  Level 1.7 on the bridge, warm air in the mid-60's but cloudy, water was cold.
April 6-7 Cartecay.  In the Remix 69.  With the BCC (Vander, Mark, Taylor, Ashley, Debbie, Roy, Melanie).   Level 2.2-2.5 ish.   Air temps upper 60's, sunny.  Saturday we went all the way to Cartecay River Experiences, Sunday we went to Stegall Mill/Blackberry.  Pics here.
April 13 - Calvert Prong.  In the Project X 56.  With Larry D.   Air temps upper 60's/low 70's, sunny.  Level on Locust was around 4.7.  The flow page said Calvert would be low but we had plenty of water. Pics HERE.
April 13- Meccafest.  I sat in with my brothers Rick and Sam in the Charlie Soul Band.  So much fun!  
Meccafest with my brother Rick on harmonica.  Photo cred Daniel Day.

April 14 -  Calvert Prong.  In the Project X 56.  With Mark, Vander, and Ken.  Air temps 60's, cloudy/rainy.  Level on Locust was around 4 ft.   Flow page said Calvert would be too low to run but we had pretty much the same level as Saturday, plenty of water.
April 20 - Crooked Fork Creek.  In the Riot Magnum 72.  Level around 4.1. My 1st D. Air temps low 60's, it was down to 30 the night before so we were all in drysuits.   With Christine B., David L, Marty, others.  Photos here: and on FB.  Video here:
April 27 - Upper Nantahala.   In the LiquidLogic Stomper 80, with Chip Use.  Level with natural flow added maybe 550 cfs?  Air temps 60's, rainy.   My 1st D.  Photos here:
April 27 - Wavesport Open.   In the WS Recon 83.  Wore a winning costume thanks to a quick stop at Dollar Tree on the way.  Photo below:

Me in the Stomper 80 below Troll Hole/Fuzzy Bunny on the Upper Nantahala.

May 4 - Middle Tellico.   In the Riot Magnum 72.  Level 1.9-2.0, rainy, brisk.  With Christine B., Brad R., Allie B.   Photos here.
May 5 - photos of the Ocoee at 9000cfs.  Link here.
May 5 - Calvert Prong.  In the Riot Magnum 72.  Level on the Locust perhaps 6 feet?  Rainy, brisk.  With Andy and Lynn.  Photos here.
May 12 - Calvert Prong.  In the WS ProjectX 56.  Level on the Locust was 4 something, but Blue Springs had had a spike in the gauge, so again though not listed as running online, the Calvert Prong had enough water to paddle.  Might have been the lowest level I've paddled it at though.  70's, sunny, gorgeous day. With Andy, Lynn, and Larry.  Photos here.
May 12 - Jam at the Gallery.   Played a set with my brother Rick's band "Charlie Soul Band" at the Daniel Day Gallery, with Rick singing and playing harmonica and my brother Sam on drums.
Sam, myself, and Rick 
May 25 Hiwassee.  In the Wave Sport XXX.  With Larry and Steph, many others.   Warm and sunny.
May 26 Ocoee.  In the Hyside Paddle Cat.  2 laps, first with Ben, second with Allie.  Photos for the weekend here.
May 31-June 2 TVCC Paddle School.  In the Liquid Logic Remix 69.  I taught a beginner/intermediate class on the Hiwassee with support boaters John H and Brian S.  One swim from one student the whole day Saturday.   Big auction/party at OAR that night and the rainstorms came in.  Sunday we went back on the H with the 2 students who were game to go in the weather and were treated to just a few short showers and plenty of clouds and some sun, too.  No photos because my camera is somewhere in the mess of gear in my car and I just didn't feel like being the photographer this weekend.
June 8 Tellico.  Level 1.9-2.0.  In the LL Remix.  With Wendy, Kim, and Wade.  Photos here.
June 9 Middle and Olympic sections, Ocoee.  In the Hyside Paddlecat.  With Ben.  Best day evah
Relaxing in the Paddlecat.  It's luxurious river trippin

June 15 Friends of the Locust Fork Kids' Day at the River.   Great day!   Photos here.

Who knew a capsized canoe could be so much fun!
June 22 Coosa.  With many folks for the Friends Together paddle.  Level 6000, air temp perhaps 85-90 with breeze, nice. In the ProjectX 56.
June 29 Start of Week of Rivers 2013... Ocoee Upper and Middle.  In the Hyside Paddle Cat. With Ben R.  Normal release. Sunny.
June 30 Nantahala.  In the ProjectX 56.  With Joan, Patty, and various CCC members.  Couple inches higher level.
July 1 Nantahala.  Free Playboat clinic with Anna L.  At the NOC hole.  In the ProjectX 56.

Then Upper Nantahala for the 4pm-7pm release, with Sylvia and others, in the Liquid Logic Stomper 80.  Level with natural flow guessed at 450-500 cfs.
July 2 Pigeon.  In the Hyside Paddle Cat with Jeff D.  Great level, higher than I've ever ran it but not sure what the cfs was.
At some point at WOR rain started and at times, was monsoon-esque.  It has rained off and on all week throughout the SE and river levels were all blown out.
July 3 Nantahala. Ferebee put-in. In the Project X 56. With Joan S.  Rain off and on, level started rising as we got to Surfer's at 2 pm., an hour early for a 3pm free clinic with NOC instructor John.  I had a double surf of the wave with Jeff D. a few times.  By the time the clinic started neither Joan nor I could even get on Surfer's wave consistently.
July 4 Lower Big Creek/Greenbriar.  In the LL Stomper 80.  One of the best creeking days of my life.  With Dennis H., Margaret W., Kyle, others.  We put on Lower Big Creek at a 2.5 level, Becca was there and said it felt more like 3.  Great, awesome run.  Then we headed to Greenbriar and put on about 5 pm for a level of 2.1 (guessing).   Surprisingly mild weather, some rain but nothing like what we went through all week at the campground.
Putin at gorgeous Lower Big Creek in the Great Smokys National Park
July 5 Little, Elkmont to Metcalf.   In the LL Stomper 80.  Level 3 ft.  I had not paddled below the bridge rapid before so I was unaware just how long a day I was in for... but it's the Smokys, it's summer Little which is a rare rare treat, and I was with Robert and Gretchen, Margaret, and others, 17 paddlers total.  Fun day.
Link to Week Of Rivers 2013 photos

July 7 - Bonus WOR trip... Talladega Creek.  PFD.  In the LL Stomper 80.  Level 4.5 when we put-on, 3.5 when we took out a couple hours later.  Great run!  Photos here. 
July 13 Paint Rock River.  In the LL Remix 69.  With the Birmingham Grotto.  Not sure of online gauge level but it wasn't touching the painted gauge at the Church put-in.   Great gorgeous day.  Photos here.  Map of Paint Rock River put-ins and take-outs here:
July 20-21 Ocoee.  In the Wavesport ProjectX 56.  With Christine B. and friends on Saturday, Amanda S., Norma L. on Sunday.  Level in the 3k range. Fluffy and fun.  Photos here.
July 27-28 Ocoee.  In the LL Remix 69.  With Lynn and Andy, Steve I. and Neal S.  Upper both days, down to Go Forth on Saturday.  Got goofy in Flipper and swam, lost my paddle but Lynn spotted it during our shuttle.
Aug 3-4 Hiwassee.  In the Blackfly Option.  With the Lost Tribe.  Great fun weekend, my first trip in a whitewater canoe.  Dry hair days.


Aug 11.  Locust Fork.  6.8 ft. on the put-in gauge, highest I've ever run it.  In the LL Remix 69.  With Mark, Vander, Gordon, and Larry.   Photos here.  Video of Vander running Powell falls here.

Aug 17.  Hiwassee Combat Roll Clinic.  In the LL Remix 69.  With Rebecca, Larry, Rundell, David.  Rebecca won the prize for best rolling and David won the prize for longest time hanging out for a T-Rescue.
Aug 18 Ocoee. In the LL Remix 69.  With the BCC.  1800 cfs. or so, nice level.
Aug 23-25 Swiftwater Rescue Clinic.  With the Huntsville Canoe Club, at Thunder Rock.  High water days esp. Saturday.   Two drownings on the Ocoee, one Saturday and one Sunday.  After this, the TVA has seen it possible to release normal levels on the river, something they have mysteriously not been able to do all summer.
Sept 6 ICF Worlds Freestyle Competition at the Nantahala/ My first descent of the Nantahala in an open canoe.  In the Blackfly Option.  With the International Sisterhood of Open Boaters, i.e. Wendy, Sally, Lisa, Helen G., Sue, also Steve in a Spanish Fly and Amanda S. in her Burn.  Dry hair day from the top to above the falls.  Steve ran the Option through the falls.  Photos here.
Me in Quarry Rapid on the Nantahala in the Blackfly Option open canoe.

Sept 7 Tandem Canoe of the Middle Ocoee.  In the Blackfly Octane 92.  With Steve I.  in Alex's boat.
Matthew, Nathan, Trey accompanying.  We put in at the rails.  Dry hair day!!!

Steve and I run Double Trouble in the Blackfly Octane 92.  It was effing awesome!
Sept 19-23 GAULEYFEST 2013.   In the LL Remix 69.  With Andy, Lynn, Margaret, Cindy, Dan, Mark Q., Bill H., and friends.  New River on Friday at 1 ft., Gauleyfest Saturday, Lower Gauley on Sunday at 6k cfs (big!), Fayette Station park and play on Monday at 3 ft.   Photos HERE.
Bill and I standing below Pure Screaming Hell on the Lower Gauley
Oct 4-8 MOTION2013.  Motion graphics artist conference in Albuquerque NM.   Photos HERE.

Oct 11-13 TAG Fall Cave-In.  Didn't take photos at this one, just wasn't in the mood.  A mellow, relaxing TAG.

_This fall has mostly consisted of  me spending a long, long time at home watching college football _  I have become sick of driving so much and burned out from being away from home so much.

Oct 26 Owl-O-Ween.  At Oak Mtn. State Park.  Photos here.
Oct 26 Grotto Halloween Party.  At Jason and Moe's.  Photos here.

Nov 11. Horton Mill Site Hike. With the Friends of the Locust Fork.  Hike to the Horton Mill site, from which the covered bridge takes its name.  Perhaps an hour there and hour back, maybe less.  Photos here.

Dec 15.  Wilder Cave.  A brief visit to Wilder Cave with Dave Howell.   Pelham.  Photos here.

Dec 22.  Cahaba Lovick Section.  Level 1550, high.  Weather cloudy and in the lower 60's.  With Nancy R. and Micah.  In the LL Remix 69.  Longest time I've spent not kayaking in years, finally ends with this trip. First rapids washed out, island became a center strainer with lines river right and left good to go.   Rapid by the water treatment center was a succession of riverwide wave playspots, last rapid was splashy and center was good.  Fun level.  Didn't take pictures.

Dec 27-29 Ski Cataloochee.  In my new ski boots.  With Joan S.  Air temps 30-50.  We drove up Friday, got rentals and lift tickets at the new Cataloochee ski and board in town, then skied Friday night and Saturday morning until 2.  By then it had gotten really crowded and we had been on the slopes since 9 am. Drove home Sunday.  Photos here.

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