September 12, 2013

Save the Jondachi River from being dammed

"The world-reknowned Upper Jondachi River is threatened to be dammed by a poorly-conceived, government-run hydroelectricity project.  This river is part of one of the most pristine watersheds in Ecuador.  On top of this, it is a popular tourist destination, and is the crown jewel of local whitewater tourist offerings. 
To conduct a legal defense against the hydroproject, the Ecuadorian River Institute (ERI), 501c3, is seeking to raise $5,000 to match its current investment of $5,000 in this legal process (total legal fees are $10,000).
Protecting this river is an environmental, tourist and local business imperative, and we are grateful for your support!"

ERI is a great organization and this is a very real concern.  Please help save the Jondachi!

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