December 1, 2013


Spent some time raking and sweeping dead leaves off of my back patio.
*Not actual leaves mentioned in blog.

I moved here in 2009.  My mother died in 2011.  The time has gone very fast since then.
I have a neighbor who continually works on cars/vehicles in his driveway.  I have another neighbor with a yappy dog.  Another mystery neighbor who has a rooster that crows every morning.  And my neighbor I call Budweiser (no not to his face) because I rarely see him without that canned vintage in hand.
So being sort of in the country I do not have neighbors who complain when the leaves and lawn get out of control here.  I do have help, but I don't spend enough time on it myself even with help.   Sometimes I get embarrassed about my lawn.   But I do the best I can.
So, I'm out there raking leaves, and the dog is yapping, and the guy across the street is whirring a drill of some sort under the hood of a vehicle of some sort.  And I thought, as I did this, I really need another adventure.
This time last year, of course, I was all set to go to Ecuador for a week with my friends.  This winter?  No adventure.  I am going skiing in Aspen soon, but that's not an adventure really, just a fun vacation.   The Ecuador trip involved being lost in a country where no-one speaks English, no-one drinks the water, and monkeys walk down the path in front of your cabin as you step out.  And big water, too.  Yes.  I'm rambling now.  I really don't do well when all I have to do is rake leaves.
I often put leaves in the motion graphics I design too, not really sure why except that they are beautiful. Leaves can be seen to represent the passing of seasons.   This can induce a strong sense of melancholia, if I am foolish enough to wait around sinking in that sort of emotional quicksand.   Leaves are also the foundation of mulch, from which fertile soil is born, now that's a positive thought.   I could wax poetically about leaves in all sorts of ways, and sound fancy doing it.  Leaves are organs whereby many plants harvest sunlight to produce food.  Leaves are food for several kinds of caterpillars during their instar stages.  and so on.
But to be honest, leaves right now, in my life, are a pain in the neck and I wish I didn't have so many of them. It's ridiculous how much raking I had to do on the patio, and I didn't even address the rest of the yard.
...and a little voice in the back of my head says, "you fortunate gal, to have nothing to concern yourself with today but raking leaves".
As some of you know, cancer is a big subject in my family, and I am always looking for encouraging news about finding cures for cancer.   Here is a cause I have recently taken part in:
Naturally, the idea of adopting a protein was appealing to me, so I did.  It costs $100 to adopt a protein/drug candidate.  My drug candidate is spider based and I gave it the intellectually stimulating name of "Fancy".  Please consider donating to this worthy organization, and who knows?  Your drug candidate may be a successful cure for a type of cancer.
Yes this post took a serious turn, but that's how I roll, baby.   Rolling in the leaves!

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