March 23, 2014

Random thoughts for March 23 2014

1. Happy 60th Birthday to my brother Sam, whose willingness to take me fishing, reptile hunting, etc. in the woods led me to be the outdoors creature I am now.  I took a long, circuitous, and often absurd route to get back outside, but here I remain.

2.  Soon going back up to the Locust Fork races, where I locked my newest toy to a tree yesterday.  My Blackfly Option Canoe, which good friends Steve and Sue are helping me outfit, is proving very challenging to paddle.  15 years ago when I started kayaking, I guess it was really hard to learn to ferry and peel out in a kayak, but it was so long ago I just don't remember.  What I do know is learning how to do these things all over again is frustrating, exhausting, and fun.  The wise lady who sold me the boat warned me that it would take a lot of patience and humility to learn to canoe after kayaking for so long.  She wasn't joking.  Since I have to work at both patience and humility, this is a good exercise for me.  I'm trying to see it, as well as my strange new hobby of playing boogie-woogie piano, as opportunities to be process oriented rather than results oriented.  If you could see me paddle the canoe, or hear me play the piano, you'd agree that results are not what I should be focused on right now.  ;-)

3.  These 2 cats of mine are completely useless.

4.  Heard the most wonderful rendition of Holiday For Strings, played on 4 string tenor banjo yesterday at Highland.  Here's Lawrence Welk's 50's rendition, opening with the weird comment that "Summer is Holiday Time" (isn't December?  Or something?)

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