May 22, 2014

Women are from Mars

I have been both characters in this article:

I've been the toxic (melodramatic, flamboyant, furious) friend that had to be jettisoned into the night. Certainly.  Alternately, I've had to cut off a toxic friend or two.  One I remember as I simply, in the middle of a conversation she peppered with little bits of viciousness, came to the aha! realisation that I didn't enjoy her company, her conversation, nor did I find any interest, in any aspect, of her life.  Why was I staying around? Ain't nobody got time for that!

But I can't help as I read this article pointing out that the men I know do not have these friendship implosions.  Now my sample in the study is admittedly a small number of guys but seriously, they just don't.  Many of them have friends they know from being little, little kids.   And they still get along.  And they always will.  They just *do*.  Sometimes I envy that.

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