July 1, 2008


Howdy. My name is Judy Ranelli and this is my blog. I also have a blog at http://www.myspace.com/dangerjudy.
This blog is for my personal thoughts and whatever I want to post. It has no purpose other than my expression. I am so stoked that I know now how to make a top-level post that remains top-level! What you do is outlined here.

Anyway, my favorite things include guitars, whitewater kayaks, caving boots, photography, critters, particularly snakes and cats, history, and interesting non-fiction. Whiskey from kittens, mmmm. So expect posts about that stuff. One of the reasons I have this blog is to make a list of what fun things I do on which day, so that later on I can go back and read when something cool happened. So it's kinda for my own nefarious purposes.
Some people have amazing blogs. They post really intelligent comments about pertinent topics. This ain't one of them blogs. But I will post some links to some blogs that I keep up with, later.

Oh yeah - how I got the nickname Dangerjudy. When I started paddling my friend Michael made up superhero names for us. Thus Kombat Keith (got his combat roll first of us all), Zenmaster Sam (my nephew the buddhist), Shreddin' Ellen (I named her that. 'shredding' means playing very well on a wave), Panda whose real name is Panda, and so forth. I still call Ellen Shreddin' Ellen on the rare occasion I can get her to paddle. I needed a Boatertalk user name and used the nickname Dangerjudy and also the cavers started using it too. The cavers already had a guy we call Hazard when I joined the grotto. So no, it's not meant to be a bragging kind of name. If anything it's ironic because I am not one to just jump into something without fear. But after flipping my truck and rolling it several times on the interstate, and walking away from the wreck, I felt that I had earned the nickname.

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