September 11, 2015

List of cousins

More family tree stuff.  I have several first cousins.  I can't remember them all so here's a helpful list. 


Vincent (Bubby) and Martha Woody
Joe Burl, Johnny (BeBop),  and Sid (Vincent)

Andrew and Rosa Macanally
Tony, Theresa, Regina-Rosina, and Cathey

Tommy and Matilda Rosato
Michael, Lucien and Tommy

Joe and Betty McCain (son named Jerry)
Paula, Carole, Yolanda, Joanne, ?

Kitty and Dale Carra

May and Sam Cantavespre
Francis, Kathy, and Rita

Rosalie and Gerral Turner
Mary Elizabeth, Chris, Tracy, Jay, and Patrick

Sara and Sam Ranelli
Frank, Marilyn, Sam, Kathy, Ricky, and Judy


Frank and Carrie LaRussa (brother was abbajabba)
Mary Ann, Carmela, Eddie, and J.C.

John and Francis Marino
Frank, Jack and John

Vincent and Tina Campisi
Marie, Jeannie, and Freddy

Joe and Lena Rosato
Mary Joe, Josephine, Francis Anne, and Virginia (Ginger)

Sam and Sara Butera
Frank, Marilyn, Sam, Kathy, Ricky, and Judy

Virginia and Frank Colley
Phyllis, Mary, and Dennis

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