May 22, 2013

Words to kayak by

This blog post and video by pro-boater Natalie Kramer pertain to learning anything, not just kayaking:

Since this is a long video, Natalie posted the following:
Video Guide- Because it is pretty long. Now you can just jump to the section you may be interested in: 1. INTRODUCTION (2:48-16:03). Rachel Garza Introduces Me (2:48-5:00) I start my talk (5:00)
2. SKILLS (16:03-43:25). This was by far the longest portion of my talk and perhaps the most tedious. (16:03-19:02) Intro. (19:02-26:20) I go through my timeline and growth as a paddler (26:20-26:57). My pet peeve, the question: "How many years have you been boating?" (26:57-32:17). I talk about what I have learned about how to learn, valuable lessons from my violin teacher. (32:17-42:33) I go through some specific ways kayakers can improve their skills.
3. AWARENESS (43:25-48:03).
4. COMPORTMENT (48:03-56:28).
5. CONCLUSION (56:30-end)

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